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Dosen Program Studi Pendidikan Bahasa Inggris FKIP Universitas Baturaja, dan Staff Pusat Pengembangan Sumber Daya Manusia LPPM Universitas Baturaja

Rabu, 20 Juni 2012


1. The difference(s) among first language, second language, and foreign language
2. Explain the interlanguage
3. Explain the types of variability in language-learner language.
4. Explain personal and general factors in individual learner differences in SLA
5. What is the relationship between input and interaction i SLA
6. The effects of input and interaction on the route of SLA
7. Two types fof L2 knowledge. Declarative and Procedural. Explain each of them
8. Chomsky's theory of markedness in SLA
9. The effects of formal instruction on the route of SLA
10. Describes simply the seven theories of SLA

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